Job Description

About us

Knoxed Infotech has zeal and expertise in technology and innovation to make your dreams a reality. We are an ISO-TUV certified company with experience in the market of over 10 years. The following are some of the services we provide:
1. IT Services and solutions
2. Custom Software Development
3. Customer Support
4. Graphics
We also support Clients based in the UK and Germany through our dedicated departments as follows:
1. Procurement
2. Sales
3. Human Resources
We have our office locations in the UK, Germany and China. We believe in and support diversity. Our teams come from different Geographical locations within India and we believe that adds richness to our skill sets and knowledge. Our products are supplied to big-name brands and have been featured in the famous international magazine, having received an excellent five-star rating. We have, over the years remained committed to providing our clients with quality, customized service and it is this business model that has allowed us to expand and grow.

Knoxed Training At Knoxed Infotech, we believe in our staff potential and aim to support all staff and develop their skills through comprehensive training and development programs. In line with this, we are providing a training facility to employees like Department training and business skills development training. For this purpose, the company is investing over Rs. 200,000 and believes that enhancing staff skill sets will prove to be mutually beneficial in the longer run.
• PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act)
• 5W 1H (Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How)
• Quality Module - Think before you act
• Knoxed Document Process
• Thinking in colour
• Myers Briggs
• Learning to delegate
• Professionalism
• SMART methodology
• Meeting and Agenda structure
Job Summary We are looking for a qualified IT team leader to manage our team and provide effective guidance. You will be responsible for supervising, managing and motivating team members on a daily basis.
Key areas of responsibilities • Manage team’s workload and workflow
• Allocate and track resources as required
• Set and monitor deadlines
• Collect, check and submit work logs and monitor time in/out and holidays.
• Complete project and other documentation
• Conduct and maintain appraisals and progress of each employee
• Participate in overall management function and policy making
• Ensure staff are motivated and target driven
• Lead by example
• QC
• Design and implement new systems
• Implement changes/increase functionality to existing systems as needed
• Pool skills and resources to successfully complete project
• Maintain tasks and jobs on task management system
• Adhere to deadlines as necessary
• Maintain work logs
• Conduct research and development
• Conduct training in new skills and techniques
• Maintain programming functions across all retail platforms and internal systems and address problems as necessary
• Maintain server
• Update, upgrade and change retail platforms as necessary
• Create new systems, databases and websites as necessary
• Monitor ratings, reviews and feedback
• Adhere to deadlines as necessary
• Documentation
Education, Experience and skills required • PHP Mysql MVC JS JQUERY HTML CSS AJAX
• Qualification – B.E/MCA/MCM/MSc Computer from a reputed institute
• Sound technical know-how with over 5+ years of experience and should have handled more than 3 staffs for a miniumum of 2 years.
• Team Leadership
• Strategic Planning
• Technology Integration
• Solution Design
• Project Management
• Problem Management
• Training & Mentoring
• Excellent communication skills- verbal & written
• Excellent Client presentation Skills
Salary SALARY: RS. ₹55,000.00 TO ₹ 65,000.00 /MONTH (DEPENDING ON THE LEVEL OF SKILLS)
Knoxed Skills • English (Communication And Interpersonal)
• Team Work
• Code of Conduct
• IQ (Listening skills, writing, read)
• Time Management
• Proactive skills
• Skills Grasping
• Assertiveness Skills
• Planning
• Analytical Skills
• Applied Skills
• Leadership Quality
• Innovator Skills
• CMS/ Framework